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    I’m not sure where the surgery questions are at. But as a resident aide at Rose Garden, work the last few months have been hell. I would like to begin to address the staffing issues- which I’m sure you know about. Every weekend I work, I am always working 16 hours on either Saturday or Sunday, depending on the staffing. It’s really hard on my body as I do work full time. Our on call employees are not considered on call to me, because they are able to come in whenever it is convenient to them. On call is where an employee has a time slot in which they must come into work when they are needed. Another issue is the amount of work required on 1st shift. Most days, 1st shift employees are never sitting. We often miss times when we need to chart, and fill out the aide books. Many residents at Rose Garden are not assisted residents who require the basic assistance. We are required to do almost all cares with certain residents which takes up quite a bit of time, while other residents are pushing call lights who need more simple tasks completed while in the process of getting up for the day. Which leads me into my next concern. While many lights are going off, management seems to shy away of quick help on many occasions. Leading to lights going off for 15-30 minutes at times. It’s stressful for us aides to be able to hold all of the work many times. Mentally stressful, and physically. Management will at times call over the walkie that certain lights are going off, which we know, we are just unable to answer that light at the very moment as we are extremely busy with other residents. It’s not good for our residents having to wait long periods of time, as they get antsy and impatient, resulting in them lashing out on resident aides. As a resident aide, my colleagues and I wish for better pay, especially on the 1st shift. $12/hour is not equivalent to the amount of physical and mental stress dealt with on a day to day basis. Not only that, but many times I get gross stuff on my skin and my clothes. I would hope that with the conditions of Rose Garden currently, aides receive better pay. As stated above- these are all reasons as to why I have found employment elsewhere, and I have dropped down to an on call position at Rose Garden.

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